The face in the mirror doesn’t exactly look as we feel. Inside we are a formless, continuous stream of consciousness, made up of speeding thoughts, desires and images, we are polysexual, chaotic, ever changing and ambivalent to the core. But on the outside we seem like a more or less stable entity with composed and symmetrical features that betray almost nothing of what’s going on within.

 (Video on Jacques Lacan, The School of Life, 2016)


My practice considers how the subjective experience of ‘being’ might be shared with another; not how we appear on the surface, but what it feels like to exist – living in and through a mind and body. Imagining ‘the self’ as a network of relationships in flux: fragmented, uncertain and complex.

The works map subconscious thoughts and feelings. Visualized through the interaction of colours and shapes. The emphasis is often on edges where colour planes meet, touch and overlap. Reflecting boundaries in human relationships. Compositions emerge from spontaneous action without pre-planning.

My process involves a daily encounter with materials – cotton, wood and paper – and tacit rules – such as ripping a sheet apart, painting the pieces and reconstructing it like a jigsaw puzzle; carving marks and painting the exposed wood; and gradually twisting colour threads to create organic, curving shapes against the grid of the loom.

Marks are about touch, made between intention and chance and often irreversible. The works hold both destruction and careful fixing. Joyful colours have an unsettling intensity. Complex tertiaries are juxtaposed with full chroma (brightness) primaries, exploring the relativity of colours – how they transform each another in harmony and discord.  

I am based in London. I received an MA in Fine Art from City & Guilds of London Art School in 2018 and currently hold the position of Chair of Students / Trustee. Previously I undertook classes with the Royal Drawing School and New York Studio School. I run art and science educational workshops in primary schools, in collaboration with scientists from Cambridge University.

I changed career to be an artist in 2014, after an inspirational trip to Antarctica, where I’ve since returned as an artist-in-residence with One Ocean Expeditions. I’ve worked for 14 years in climate change and energy policy. Currently working on a freelance basis for an environmental think tank called Sustainability First leading a new project that combines art and sustainability.



2017-18 MA Fine Art (Distinction), City & Guilds of London Art School

2015-17 Practicing Artist Concession Programme, Royal Drawing School, London

2005-06 MA Environment, Politics & Globalisation (Distinction), Kings College London

2000-03 BSc Geography (First Class Honours), Lancaster University

Selected exhibitions

2019 Carpet Pages II: Roots at The Art Pavilion Mile End, London

2019 MA Degree Show 2019 at City & Guilds of London Art School (as Fellow / Chair of Students)

2019 Shattered Visage at Unlimited House, London

2019 Extreme Imagination at the Tramway, Glasgow in January, moving to the Royal Albert Museum, Exeter in March.

2018 Shapes of Being at The Dot Project, London

2018   MA Degree Show 2018 at City & Guilds of London Art School

2017    In Dreams at the Menier Gallery, London

2017    Sketch at the Rabley Drawing Centre and regional tour

2016    Constructing Nature at Nolia’s Gallery, London

2016    Borders with Core Gallery at Nolia’s Gallery, London

2016    Money Matters at the British Museum

Publications and broadcasts

2017 'These are the things that dreams are made of', feature by Clare Dudeney in The i paper, 22 Sept , pp. 32-33

2017 'Dreams and art', interview for the Arrest All Mimics: The Creative Innovation Podcast, 1 Sept

Artist Residencies

2019    Antarctic Peninsula and Chilean Fjords with One Ocean Expeditions

2018    Antarctic Peninsula, Weddell Sea and Falkland Islands with One Ocean Expeditions


2016 BP shipping centenary collection


2016-current   SunSpaceArt project running science and art educational workshops in schools, with Cambridge University, including outreach on Antarctica.